Emotional Letter From a Turkish Participant to a Brave Romanian Policeman – Braila July 2023

A Turkish lady made a heartfelt gesture to thank a policeman from Brăila for the help he provided. “This is about our colleague Angel (photo below), a policeman at the Brăila County Police Department for Transport, whom a young Turkish lady, visiting our country, wanted to thank for the assistance he offered.

It was on the day when she traveled by train and realized after getting off that she had forgotten her luggage on the train. She reached out to the Transport Police in Brăila, and Angel, our colleague on duty, did not hesitate and did everything possible to recover her luggage.

And he succeeded! The luggage was found and handed over to the Railway Transport Police Station in Galați, from where it was ensured that the lady would receive it. Touched by the policeman’s gesture, she sought to thank him but could not find him again.

Having returned to Turkey, she sent a letter hoping that her thanks would reach the recipient. Another mission accomplished! Thank you, Angel!”, the Brăila County Police Department reports. The letter found its recipient (photo below)!

Scrisoare emoţionantă a unei turcoaice pentru un poliţist din Brăila