Multiplier Event – Bulgaria – 11th July 2023

On 11.07.2023 at 14:00. “Project Multiplier Event” was held in the Art Lounge of Radio Varna, organized under the project “Join Us in the Battle Against Disinformation”, contract 2020-1-ES01-KA226-SCH-094785, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, Key Activity 2 “Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices”, which is implemented by Abarka ONGD (Spain) in partnership with Dr. Ivan Bogorov Vocational School of Economics, Varna and 6 other partner organisations from Italy, Turkey, Romania, Lithuania, Greece and the Russian Federation. 

Formal invitations were sent by email to various organizations, accompanied by a registration form.

The aim of the event was to showcase the project’s achievements and present all the intellectual products developed under it to the general public. These intellectual products include:

Teaching and Training Support for Addressing Fake News and Misinformation: This intellectual product aims to assist teachers and trainers in effectively addressing the issue of fake news and misinformation among students. It provides valuable insights and approaches to help students recognize, question, and combat false information.

MOOC JUIBAD: This open access learning tool equips young learners with creative tools and methodologies to enhance their critical thinking and encourage them to take responsibility for their well-being. The course fosters skills that enable individuals to navigate through vast amounts of information available online.

Fake News Investigation and Research Reports: This intellectual product delves into the concept of fake news, its origins, development, and various types. It also explores national and international perspectives on fake news, empowering students to anticipate and analyze the future of information dissemination.

The event concluded with a working dinner for all participants at the restaurant “Godzilla” in Varna. During the dinner, there was a meeting where all the participants had the chance to interact and engage with each other. The gathering facilitated fruitful discussions and provided an excellent opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas among the attendees.

Participants profile:

Complete number of 30 individuals – representatives of primary and secondary schools from the municipality of Varna, Information and Vocational Guidance Centre, Regional Library – Children and Secondary School Department; Medical University – Varna; leading local organization in environmental education; NGOs; security analysis software development company; journalists from Varna media; Directorate “Education and Youth Activities” of the Municipality of Varna.

During the event, all materials used for presentations, workshops, and discussions were readily provided to the participants. These materials included handouts, slides, documents, and any other relevant resources that were used to support and enhance the participants’ learning and understanding of the topics covered. By providing these materials, the organizers aimed to ensure that the attendees had access to comprehensive information and references even after the event’s conclusion, enabling them to further delve into the subject matter and apply the knowledge gained to their respective fields or interests.

Information support during the event: banners, posters, flyers, promotional materials with the logo of the project and the Erasmus+ programme: cotton bags, pens, pencils, notebooks.

After conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the feedback received, it was evident that the participants expressed high satisfaction with the event. The positive responses and comments gathered from the attendees indicated that the event was well-received and met or even exceeded their expectations. The organizers were delighted to see such positive feedback, as it affirmed the success of the event and the efforts put into ensuring a valuable and enjoyable experience for all those who attended.