Report published at Professional High School of Economics “Dr. Ivan Bogorov”, Varna April 2022

The report by Dean Vasilev and Stoyana Ilieva on the topic “Against Fake News and Disinformation” at the Professional High School of Economics “Dr. Ivan Bogorov”, Varna, was more than interesting.

Fake news and online disinformation pose a threat to citizens as they affect areas related to democracy; they can increase hate speech, lead to negative consequences associated with racism, intolerance, xenophobia, discrimination; they also create false beliefs on health-related topics. That is why students must learn to detect fake news and fight disinformation in the news. The project “JUIBAD: Join us in the battle against disinformation” aims to increase the critical thinking of our participants in analyzing information with the goal of enhancing civic and responsible behavior, increasing independence, and fostering the initiative of students.